Today was meant to be our Rally Day. During the day, we will be looking back over previous Rally days starting with the 2019 Rally Day. Thank you to Elen Williams for the video.


We are now going back to 2011. Mr Gethin Thomas, Chairman of the Management committee who was speaking to Mr Terwyn Davies about the Rally Day and his responsibilities during the day as President.


Message from the County President.

Mrs Jean Lewis.


Carmarthenshire YFC are celebrating 75 years this year (2019-2020), and during these 75 years, the Rally Day is one of the highlights in the Organisations; Calendar on a yearly basis. This video is an opportunity to see photos over the last 75 years.

We would like to use this opportunity to thank every single one who has played a part in the Rally Day over the last 75 years. Locations, Judges, Presidents, Guests, those who have given stock or other equipment, Sponsors, Scorers, Officials, Members, Leaders and all friends of the Organisation


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