Carmarthenshire Young Farmers Clubs

We’re a youth movement that provide opportunities to 800 members between the ages of 10 and 26 that live in Carmarthenshire. There are 23 Clubs in Carmarthenshire that are run by young people for young people. The movement offers opportunities and special experiences for the members as they develop new skills, receive valuable training, travel the world, become an integral part of the community and have the opportunity to make friends for life.

As this awful virus has taken over, like many other Organisations, all our events and competitions have been cancelled or postponed for the time being. However, we as an organisation take pride in the work that our members and our clubs continue to do in their local communities. Here are the activities we as an Organisation have tried continuing to do:

Helping in the Community

Since the start of the “Lockdown” YFC Clubs across Wales have actively offered support to their local communities during this uncertain time, and all of the clubs in Carmarthenshire have also actively supported a large number of members in their local communities to collect medication, food shop with some of them having occasionally donated food to their local food banks.

If you, or someone you know, need help in any way, please contact us and I am positive we can support you.

Keeping in touch with our Members

As all Clubs cannot meet as they were on a weekly basis at their local hall, or a building the own, many Clubs have taken the opportunity to socialise on Zoom or Skype. These apps are great to have a quiz night and even a bingo night.

As a county, we have been busy putting some tasks on our social websites so that members can try out a range of things like cooking or even sewing. Carmarthenshire YFC are also celebrating 75 years this year, and as a way of celebrating this during this uncertain time, we are putting up a video of a member showing a “day in the life of…” every night. It is a chance for the member to show what they are doing on a daily basis and also to give other members across the county a chance to get to know different members.

In addition to Carmarthenshire YFC, Wales YFC have also created a virtual stage platform – where challenges are presented every two weeks, challenges relating to tasks such as flower arranging, Sport, cooking, craft and agriculture. It is a chance for members across Wales to take part, and to keep in touch with the Organisation.

Virtual Rally

The Rally Day is one of the Organisations highlight on a yearly basis for decades, but unfortunately this years Rally had to be cancelled. Despite this, it was decided to create a virtual rally on our Social Media platforms, setting four different tasks for our members; creating a cover for the county’s Egin magazine, Dairy Stockjudging, Create a Tik Tok Video and also craft. A large number of our members took on these tasks and entered the competition.

On Saturday 9th May (2020 Rally Day) we put a few videos and photos of past rally days on our social websites, to give our current members and former members the chance to look back at the times as a member.

The Future

Although, nobody really knows what will happen in the next few weeks and months, we as an Organisation here in Carmarthenshire determined to keep going and continue to benefit our local communities, keep in touch with our members and friends of the movement.

We welcome you to join us on our social websites – to see more of what we are offering. If you want more information about anything too – please contact us.

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