Success for Carmarthenshire YFC at Wales Level

The Wales Young Farmers Federation Public Speaking competition was held virtually for the first time ever on Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th April. Members from all over Wales gathered on Zoom for what was 2 days of very high standard competing. The Junior and Senior members of the year competitions were also held over this weekend, along with the Situations Vacant competition.

Welsh Public Speaking

In the Welsh Public Speaking Reading Section, Celyn Richards (Penybont YFC), Sion Jones and Lois Davies (Llangadog YFC) represented Carmarthenshire, with the team securing 2nd place in the competition. Congratulations to them.

Caeo Pryce (Penybont YFC), Gwenno Roberts (Llanfynydd YFC) and Ellis Davies (Llanddarog YFC) were the three members who represented Carmarthenshire YFC in the Welsh Junior Section. Thank you to the team for their efforts in the competition.

The Intermediates team was made up of Betsan Jones (Llanllwni YFC), Lleu Pryce (Penybont YFC) and Sioned Howells (Llanllwni YFC). Congratulations to the team for winning the Welsh Intermediates competition, and congratulations also to Betsan Jones for winning the best individual in the competition.

The Senior team were also successful, with Mared Evans, Elen Jones (Penybont YFC), Owain Davies (Llanllwni YFC) and Sulwen Richards (Dyffryn Cothi YFC) winning the Welsh Senior competition.

At the end of the Welsh Public Speaking competition, Carmarthenshire YFC was placed in the first position. Congratulations and thank you to all members for competing, and for all the trainers for preparing the members for the competition.

English Public Speaking

The English Public Speaking Reading team was made up by Lois Davies (Llangadog YFC), Taidgh Mullins (Dyffryn Cothi YFC) and Celyn Richards (Dyffryn Cothi YFC). Congratulations to the team for coming 2nd in the competition.

In the English Juniors section, Rhys Griffiths, Morgan Davies (Llanddarog YFC) and Sara Jones (Llanfynydd YFC) represented the County. Congratulations to them for securing the third position in the competition.

Also securing joint 3rd position were the English Intermediates team, with Hannah Richards, Daniel O’Callaghan (Penybont YFC), Mari James and Aled Thomas (Llangadog YFC) competing. Congratulations to them.

After the success of the Senior team in the Welsh Public Speaking, the English Senior team were also successful, coming in the first position. The English Senior team included Mared Evans, Fiona Phillips (Penybont YFC), Ffion Rees (Llanfynydd), Hannah Richards (Penybont YFC) and Lynwen Mathias (Dyffryn Cothi YFC).

At the end of the English Public Speaking competition, there was a big reason for celebrating for Carmarthenshire YFC, as the County secured the double; by winning the Welsh Public Speaking competition and the English Public Speaking competition. Congratulations and thank you to all members for competing, and for all the trainers for preparing the members for the competition.

Situations Vacant

Representing Carmarthenshire YFC in this competition was Daniel O’Callaghan (Penybont YFC). Thank you to Daniel for his efforts in the competition.

Junior and Senior Member of the Year

The newly elected County Junior and Senior Members of the year, Mari James (Llangadog) and Owain Davies (Llanllwni YFC) respectively, competed against other counties for the title of Wales Junior and Senior Members of the year. Congratulations to Mari for securing second place in the Junior member competition, and thank you to Owain for competing in the Senior member competition. Carmarthenshire YFC look forward to working with both members over the next year.

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