The County Office will closing for Christmas at 5pm on Monday 20th December and re-opening on Tuesday 4th January 2022.

On behalf of the County Staff and Officials – Thank you to all members, leaders, Judges, Stewards, hosts, and sponsors for your continued support over the last twelve months.

Have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year 🎄


Unfortunately, we have made the decision to cancel our Christmas Dance that was scheduled at the Quinnell Lounge, Parc y Scarlets on Wednesday 22nd December 2021.

Although there has been so much anticipation for the dance, We feel that in these circumstances, it is best to cancel the Dance due to it being so close to Christmas and to the big concerns regarding Omicron. We hope to be able to hold a similar event in the new year or during the Summer.

Everyone who have already paid for a Ticket will be refunded.

Carmarthenshire YFC members on Wales level

The Wales YFC National Eisteddfod was held at Pafiliwn Bont, Pontrhydfendigaid on Saturday 20th November, hosted by Brecknock YFC.

All members competed in various competitions such as singing, recitation, and light entertainment items. The homework competitions were also judged before the day. There was also the Chair and Crown Ceremony during the day.

Clwyd YFC was the winning Federation at the end of the day to take the Mansel Charles Shield, with Ceredigion YFC second and Carmarthenshire YFC third. Congratulations and many thanks to all members who went up to Pontrhydfendigaid to represent the County. Carmarthenshire YFC won the 1st prize in the overall stage competitions.

Here are the County’s results (top 3):

Stage Competitions:

1af – Dafydd Owen, CFFI Llanddarog – Instrumental Solo

1af – CFFI Capel Iwan – Mime to Music

1af – Hannah Richards, CFFI Penybont – Recitation 28 or under

1af – Trystan Evans, CFFI Dyffryn Cothi – Hymn Singing

1af – CFFI Penybont – One Voice Party

2ail – Celyn Richards, CFFI Penybont – Recitation 16 or under

2ail – CFFI Capel Iwan – Contemporary Song

2ail – Sioned Howells, Ifor Jones a Hefin Jones, CFFI Llanllwni – Humorous Trio

3ydd – Olwen Roberts, CFFI Penybont – Monologue

3ydd – Celyn Richards, CFFI Penybont – Unawd 16

3ydd – CFFI Llanllwni – Recitation Party

Homework Competitions:

2ail – Sioned Howells., CFFI Llanllwni – Song Words Composition

3ydd – Caryl Jones, CFFI Llanddarog – Competition for Members 28 or under

Carmarthenshire YFC at the 2021 Winter Fair

Young Farmers members from all over Wales travelled to the Royal Welsh Winter Fair to compete in a variety of competitions such as Decorating a Christmas Tree, CYWAIN Competition, Winter Fair 2021 promotional  Video, Lamb Carcass Judging, Lamb Trimming, Chicken jointing, Butchers Lamb Stockjudging and Butchers Beef Stockjudging. There was intense competition over the two days, with a very high standard being shown.

Carmarthenshire Young Farmers Federation competed in the following competitions: Lamb Carcass Judging, Lamb Trimming, Chicken jointing, Butchers Lamb Stockjudging and Butchers Beef Stockjudging and many of the members were successful. By the end of the two days Carmarthenshire YFC was sixth overall the  competitions. Congratulations to all the members who represented the County in these competitions, and a big thank you to all the coaches for your tireless work in preparing the members.

Here were the results:

Lamb Carcass Judging: Ifan Williams, Llangadog YFC, Hannah Richards, Elan Thomas a Gilbert Roberts, Penybont YFC were the four representing the county in this competition. Congratulations to Ifan Williams on coming 1st in the 28 and under section and to Gilbert Roberts for coming 3rd in the 16 and under section. Congratulations to the four for securing the 3rd place as a team in the competition.

Butchers Beef Stockjudging: The four who were representing the County in this competition were Aaron Hughes, C.Ff.I Llangadog, Rosie Davies, C.Ff.I Llannon, Lewis Gibbin, C.Ff.I Hendygwyn ar Daf a Marie Hughes, C.Ff.I Penybont. Congratulations to Rosie Davies for coming 2nd in the 21 and under section.

Butchers Lambs Stockjudging: Aled Davies, C.Ff.I Llangadog, Rosie Davies, C.Ff.I Llannon, Carys Morgan, C.Ff.I Llanfynydd a Harri Williams, C.Ff.I Dyffryn Cothi were the County’s representatives in this competition. Congratulations to Aled Davies on coming 1st in the 28 and under section. Congratulations to the four for securing the 1st place as a team in the competition.

Lamb Trimming: Gilbert Roberts from Penybont YFC was the one representing the County in this competition. Thank you very much to him for representing the County in this competition.

Chicken Jointing: Congratulations to Sara Thomas, Llanllwni YFC, who was representing the County in this competition. Thank you very much to her for representing the County in this competition.

Congratulations to all members for their success and efforts over the two days.

English Public Speaking 2021

On Saturday 27th of November the Carmarthenshire YFC English Public Speaking Competition was held at Nantgaredig Primary School. Members competed in the Reading competition (Under 14s), Junior Public Speaking (Under 16), The Braintrust Competition (Under 21) and the After Dinner Speaking competition (Under 28).

Thank you to Nantgaredig Primary School for the use of their School; for the stewards for making all competitions run smoothly, and to the trainers who gave up their time to help and train our members. A big thank you also to the four judges; Miss Katie Davies (Reading) Miss Tania Hancock (Junior), Mr Peter Llewelin (Intermediate), Mr Sam Kurtz (Seniors).

The Results were as follows:

Reading Under 14:

Southern Area Challenge Shield Winners: Office Team – Celyn Richards (Penybont YFC), Trystan Evans (Dyffryn Cothi YFC) & Sam Morgan (Llandeilo YFC)

Howard & Margaret Roberts Cup presented to the best individual in the Reading Section: Celyn Richards, Penybont YFC

Juniors Under 16:

Tegwyn Lloyd’s Challenge Shield Winners: Office Team – Sara Jones (Llanfynydd YFC), Gwenno Roberts (Llanfynydd YFC) & Lois Davies (Llangadog YFC)

Winner of the Ronnie Ll. Roberts Cup for the best individual performance in the Junior Section: Morgan Davies, Llanddarog YFC

Brainstrust Under 21:

The Mary Kay Davies Cake Stand Winners: Penybont YFC – Hannah Richards, Daniel O’Callaghan, Elan Thomas & Caeo Pryce

Winner of the Nantybwla Shield for the best individual performance in the Intermediate Section: Daniel O’Callaghan, Penybont YFC

After Dinner Speaking Under 28:

Winners of the late Col. Sir Grismond Phillips Challenge Trophy: Penybont YFC – Mared Evans, Fiona Phillips & Teleri James

Winner Of The Elonwy & Gareth Phillips Shield for the best individual performance in the Senior Section: Teleri James, Penybont YFC


It was great to be back at St Peters Hall this year, for Carmarthenshire YFC’s Eisteddfod: face to face. Once again this year there was fierce competition at the Carmarthenshire Young Farmers Club County Eisteddfod on Saturday the 23rd of October 2021. After a full day of high quality entertainment, Llanllwni YFC captured the Eisteddfod shield this year. Congratulations to the club and also to Penybont YFC for coming second, and to Llanllwni YFC for coming first in the homework section too.

There was a tough job for all our judges with all the competitions throughout the Eisteddfod. Our thanks go to them all for their service. Mr Gwyn Nicholas judged the music section, Mrs Lowri Jones in the recitation, Mr Emyr Lloyd in the Light Entertainment Section, Eurfyl Lewis in the Homework Section and Dr Mererid Hopwood for juding the Prose and Poem.

Our president for this year’s Eisteddfod was Mrs Ann Davies. Many thanks to her for their dedicated words from the stage and for ther generous donations towards the organisation’s funding in Carmarthenshire.

We were very fortunate to have Elin Rees as the official accompanist at this year’s Eisteddfod again. We thank her for her service and also to the other individuals who accompanied the members. Thanks also to those who were presenting from the stage at the Eisteddfod this year – Hefin Evans, Sion Evans, Ffion Medi Rees and Aled Thomas. Many thanks also to everyone who worked behind the scenes and at the main entrance.

Our thanks go out to our recorders who looked after the scores. Thanks to Marian Thomas and Angela Isaac and also to Llinos Jones who was also in charge of the certificates. Many thanks also to Dylan Bowen, Mathew Jones & Arwel Jones who was in charge of Sound and Light.

We would like to thank Nia Thomas from C.Ff.I Llanddarog for allowing us to use the crown in this year’s Carmarthenshire YFC Eisteddfod once again. The winner of this crown was Luned Jones of Llanllwni YFC. A crown was donated by County Chairman, Hefin Evans, to Luned Jones, created by Dylan Bowen. This year’s winner of the chair was Alpha Evans of Cwmann YFC. The chair was also donated this year by County Chairman Hefin Evans. This chair was created by Llyr Thomas. Congratulations to Luned Jones and Alpha Evans, and thank you to everyone who took part in the Ceremony, especially to Elfyn Davies, County President for the smooth running of the ceremony.

As well as the 2021 Chair and Crown Ceremony, the 2020-21 Virtual Eisteddfod Ceremony was also held. This was to congratulate and show our appreciation to Sioned Howells for her work for winning both Chair and Crown. A prize was donated by Jean Lewis, 2020-21 President, created by Dylan Bowen and Iestyn Owen, County Chairman 2020-21 also donated a chair which was also created by himself.

Thanks to all Carmarthenshire YFC County Officials for stewarding the whole Eisteddfod and thanks to LHP Accountants, Ungoed-Thomas & King Solicitors and David and Anthony from Jin Talog for sponsoring the event.

These are the Eisteddfod results:

Stage Competitions

Instumental Solo

  1. Dafydd Owen, Llanddarog YFC
  2. Daniel O’Callaghan, Penybont YFC
  3. Gwenno Roberts, Llanfynydd YFC

Folk Singing

  1. Daniel O’Callaghan, Penybont YFC
  2. Hannah Richards, Penybont YFC
  3. Sioned Howells, Llanllwni YFC

Hymn Singing

  1. Trystan Evans, Dyffryn Cothi YFC
  2. Hannah Richards, Penybont YFC
  3. Celyn Richards, Penybont YFC


  1. Capel Iwan YFC

 2.   Llanllwni YFC

 3.   Llangadog YFC

Story & Sound

  1. Llanllwni YFC
  2. Penybont YFC
  3. Capel Iwan YFC

Contemporary Song

  1. Capel Iwan YFC

Solo 16 or under

  1. Celyn Richards, Penybont YFC
  2. Trystan Evans, Dyffryn Cothi YFC
  3. Fflur Williams, Capel Iwan YFC

Recitation 16 or under

  1. Celyn Richards, Penybont YFC
  2. Olwen Roberts, Penybont YFC
  3. Esther Defis, Capel Iwan YFC
  4. Cai Williams, Llanddarog YFC

Solo 21 or under

  1. Hannah Richards, Penybont YFC
  2. Daniel O’Callaghan, Penybont YFC

Recitation 28 or under

  1. Hannah Richards, Penybont YFC
  2. Sara Elan Jones, Cwmann YFC
  3. Daniel O’Callaghan, Penybont YFC

Solo 26 or under

  1. Carwen George, Dyffryn Cothi YFC


  1. Daniel O’Callaghan a Phoebe Morgan, Penybont YFC
  2. Heledd Jones a Rhiannon Jones, Dyffryn Tywi YFC

Recitation Party

  1. Llanllwni YFC
  2. Llangadog YFC

Mime to music

  1. Capel Iwan YFC – Light Blue
  2. Llanllwni YFC
  3. Llangadog YFC – Blue

Have you got talent?

  1. Celyn Richards, Penybont YFC


  1. Olwen Roberts, Penybont YFC
  2. Hannah Richards, Penybont YFC
  3. Abner Evans, Llangadog YFC

Musical or Film Solo

  1. Carwen George, Dyffryn Cothi YFC
  2. Hannah Richards, Penybont YFC

 3.  Carys Morgan, Llanfynydd YFC

Humorous Duet or Trio

  1. Hefin Jones, Ifor Jones a Sioned Howells, Llanllwni YFC

Parti Deusain

  1. Penybont YFC
  2. Capel Iwan YFC
  3. Llangadog YFC – Girls



  1. Luned Jones, Llanllwni YFC
  2. Heledd Jones, Dyffryn Tywi YFC
  3. Sioned Howells, Llanllwni YFC


  1. Alpha Evans, Cwmann YFC
  2. Rhian Hughes, Llandovery YFC
  3. Sioned Howells, Llanllwni YFC

Competition for members 28 or under

  1. Caryl Jones, Llanddarog YFC

Competition for members 21 or under

  1. Elan Thomas, Penybont YFC

Competition for members 16 or under

  1. Angharad Daniel, Llannon YFC
  2. Celyn Richards, Penybont YFC
  3. Llyr Campbell, Llanddarog YFC
  4. Sion Campbell, Llanddarog YFC


  1. Mari James, Llangadog YFC
  2. Caryl Jones, Llanddarog YFC
  3. Caeo Pryce, Penybont YFC


  1. Mari James, Llangadog YFC
  2. Cathrin Jones, Llanllwni YFC
  3. Nerys Jones, Llanllwni YFC


  1. Sara Thomas, Llanllwni YFC
  2. Abner Evans, Llangadog YFC
  3. Siriol Howells, Llanllwni YFC

Arts & Craft 28 or under

  1. Elan Thomas, Penybont YFC
  2. Siriol Howells, Llanllwni YFC
  3. Ffion Campbell, Llanddarog YFC

Song Words Composition

  1. Sioned Howells, Llanllwni YFC

The Elonwy Phillips Shield for the homework:

  1. Llanllwni YFC
  2. Llanddarog YFC
  3. Penybont YFC
  4. Llangadog YFC

Eisteddfod Overall Results

  1. Llanllwni YFC (Mr T Davies, Blaenteg Shield)
  2. Penybont  YFC (Nantybwla Shield)
  3. Capel Iwan YFC
  4. Llangadog YFC
  5.  Llanddarog YFC


On Wednesday, 29th September 2021 , Carmarthenshire YFC Annual meeting was held face to face at Pontargothi Hall.

Iestyn Owen, County Chairman for 2019-20 & 2020-21 was pleased to announce that £4350 had been raised from the “Her Seiclo’r 75” Challenge, which meant that the Welsh Air Ambulance, Carmarthen First Responders and Leukemia Research Appeal for Wales each had £1450.

Mr Hefin Evans, Capel Iwan YFC was elected as County chairman for 2021-2022 with Mr Aled Thomas, Dyffryn Cothi YFC elected as vice chair for the year. Congratulations to them and Iestyn Owen was warmly thanked for his work as Chairman during the past two years.

Sion Evans, Llanllwni YFC was elected as Chairman of the Activities Committee, with Ffion Medi Rees, Llanfynydd YFC Vice-chairman. Sian Williams, Llangadog YFC was elected as the Finance Committee Chairman and Caryl Jones Llanddarog YFC Vice-chairman of the committee.

Mr Elfyn Davies, Troed Y Bryn, Ffarmers was elected as president of the county with Mr Colin Evans, Gwarwenallt, Bancyfelin elected as Vice-president. Congratulations to them and Jean Lewis was warmly thanked for all her work and support during her time as County President during the past years.

Penybont YFC received the Elfyn Richards Memorial Cup for the club with the highest points in Welsh and English public speaking competitions for 2020-21.

We look forward to the forthcoming year.


Congratulations to everyone who completed the challenge of cycling 75km from Llandovery to Whitland on Saturday 14th August 2021.

Thank you to everyone who was involved in the day – from everyone who helped feed and keep the cyclists hydrated, to the Support Vehicles, to all of the supporters who came along the way – hearing your support really helped us reach the end!

Thank you also to the sponsors of the challenge: Siop Londis Gwalia Drefach Felindre, Lewis Carpentry & Construction, Hafod Farm Supplies a S A Evans Groundworks & Construction.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed financially also – we managed to raise £4350 which is £1450 each for Air Ambulance Wales, Carmarthen First Responders and Leukemia Research Appeal for Wales.


Once again this year, the Royal Welsh competitions were held virtually. Many competitions were held between the stockjudging, craft, singing and also a Club Promotion Video.

After all competitions, Carmarthenshire YFC came 5th Overall.

Here are the full results:






Marketing and Administration Officer

The ability to speak Welsh is essential for this role.

Carmarthenshire YFC is looking for an enthusiastic person to work in the County Office carrying out marketing and administrative work for the Organization.

This is a full time job but there is some flexibility in the hours.

Salary: £ 15,000-18,000 – Salary negotiable and dependent on qualifications and experience. A good pension, travel expenses and holidays will also be part of the job.

CLOSING DATE: Monday, 21st June 2021

Send your application letter and CV to:

Mr Rhodri Lewis, Carmarthenshire YFC Office, Agriculture House, Cambrian Place, Carmarthen, Carmarthenshire, SA31 1QG

or by email to

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