Congratulations to everyone who completed the challenge of cycling 75km from Llandovery to Whitland on Saturday 14th August 2021.

Thank you to everyone who was involved in the day – from everyone who helped feed and keep the cyclists hydrated, to the Support Vehicles, to all of the supporters who came along the way – hearing your support really helped us reach the end!

Thank you also to the sponsors of the challenge: Siop Londis Gwalia Drefach Felindre, Lewis Carpentry & Construction, Hafod Farm Supplies a S A Evans Groundworks & Construction.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed financially also – we managed to raise £4350 which is £1450 each for Air Ambulance Wales, Carmarthen First Responders and Leukemia Research Appeal for Wales.


Once again this year, the Royal Welsh competitions were held virtually. Many competitions were held between the stockjudging, craft, singing and also a Club Promotion Video.

After all competitions, Carmarthenshire YFC came 5th Overall.

Here are the full results:






Marketing and Administration Officer

The ability to speak Welsh is essential for this role.

Carmarthenshire YFC is looking for an enthusiastic person to work in the County Office carrying out marketing and administrative work for the Organization.

This is a full time job but there is some flexibility in the hours.

Salary: £ 15,000-18,000 – Salary negotiable and dependent on qualifications and experience. A good pension, travel expenses and holidays will also be part of the job.

CLOSING DATE: Monday, 21st June 2021

Send your application letter and CV to:

Mr Rhodri Lewis, Carmarthenshire YFC Office, Agriculture House, Cambrian Place, Carmarthen, Carmarthenshire, SA31 1QG

or by email to sir.gar@yfc-wales.org.uk


Face to Face Competitions

Here are the dates for the Carmarthenshire YFC 2021 face to face competitions:

Stockjudging Pictures and Characteristics:

Blue Texels: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1C66XyqO7mK1xQ1-mpshMB2h79M9fzS_h?usp=sharing

Section D: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/190i0mFUXxmzxfgL-80GAhqHTM9joDM12?usp=sharing

Highlands: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/14JHor_hF4msLEWCjjYf5NvlBJkOhQuv4?usp=sharing

Virtual Competitions

All virtual competitions entries will need to be in by 08/06/2021. Below are the rules for all comeptitions:


This is the latest guidelines as of 17/05/2021 for Clubs:

The Steps to re-open:

The YFC club should hold a club committee meeting via video call Include leaders and the advisory committee members – it is important that all work as team to support the club and its activities

Go through the topics and decisions listed in the Action Plan booklet

Examine the capacity of the club committee to manage a Covid-secure YFC and decide who will be responsible for the elements of the Covid-secure plan and supervise the activities

Where to hold the activity – outdoors only Activity?  Should we make a site visit and do checks?

Write up the plans – Covid assessment (NFYFC template), risk assessment and safeguarding plans  (use your existing risk assessments and adapt) and record the actions taken in the planning phase (NFYFC template)

Prepare information for club members and ensure every member received this (and the parents of the members under the age of 18)

Contact the County – Arrange a Meeting with you as a Club to secure that all arrangements are in place ready for you to re-open face to face once again.



Following a recent County meeting based on the latest Covid-19 guidelines; We have decided that we will be holding some competitions face to face in June.

Attached above are the following:

  1. Rules – Rules for the face to face competitions and those competitions virtually.
  2. Entry Form – We will need all names of those members who want to compete in the face to face competitions no later than Wednesday 26/05/2021. (Through your Club). We will not be able to collect any names after these dates as we will need to secure locations 100%. Please note that all virtual competitions entries will need to be in no later than 08/06/2021.

Success for Carmarthenshire YFC at Wales Level

The Wales Young Farmers Federation Public Speaking competition was held virtually for the first time ever on Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th April. Members from all over Wales gathered on Zoom for what was 2 days of very high standard competing. The Junior and Senior members of the year competitions were also held over this weekend, along with the Situations Vacant competition.

Welsh Public Speaking

In the Welsh Public Speaking Reading Section, Celyn Richards (Penybont YFC), Sion Jones and Lois Davies (Llangadog YFC) represented Carmarthenshire, with the team securing 2nd place in the competition. Congratulations to them.

Caeo Pryce (Penybont YFC), Gwenno Roberts (Llanfynydd YFC) and Ellis Davies (Llanddarog YFC) were the three members who represented Carmarthenshire YFC in the Welsh Junior Section. Thank you to the team for their efforts in the competition.

The Intermediates team was made up of Betsan Jones (Llanllwni YFC), Lleu Pryce (Penybont YFC) and Sioned Howells (Llanllwni YFC). Congratulations to the team for winning the Welsh Intermediates competition, and congratulations also to Betsan Jones for winning the best individual in the competition.

The Senior team were also successful, with Mared Evans, Elen Jones (Penybont YFC), Owain Davies (Llanllwni YFC) and Sulwen Richards (Dyffryn Cothi YFC) winning the Welsh Senior competition.

At the end of the Welsh Public Speaking competition, Carmarthenshire YFC was placed in the first position. Congratulations and thank you to all members for competing, and for all the trainers for preparing the members for the competition.

English Public Speaking

The English Public Speaking Reading team was made up by Lois Davies (Llangadog YFC), Taidgh Mullins (Dyffryn Cothi YFC) and Celyn Richards (Dyffryn Cothi YFC). Congratulations to the team for coming 2nd in the competition.

In the English Juniors section, Rhys Griffiths, Morgan Davies (Llanddarog YFC) and Sara Jones (Llanfynydd YFC) represented the County. Congratulations to them for securing the third position in the competition.

Also securing joint 3rd position were the English Intermediates team, with Hannah Richards, Daniel O’Callaghan (Penybont YFC), Mari James and Aled Thomas (Llangadog YFC) competing. Congratulations to them.

After the success of the Senior team in the Welsh Public Speaking, the English Senior team were also successful, coming in the first position. The English Senior team included Mared Evans, Fiona Phillips (Penybont YFC), Ffion Rees (Llanfynydd), Hannah Richards (Penybont YFC) and Lynwen Mathias (Dyffryn Cothi YFC).

At the end of the English Public Speaking competition, there was a big reason for celebrating for Carmarthenshire YFC, as the County secured the double; by winning the Welsh Public Speaking competition and the English Public Speaking competition. Congratulations and thank you to all members for competing, and for all the trainers for preparing the members for the competition.

Situations Vacant

Representing Carmarthenshire YFC in this competition was Daniel O’Callaghan (Penybont YFC). Thank you to Daniel for his efforts in the competition.

Junior and Senior Member of the Year

The newly elected County Junior and Senior Members of the year, Mari James (Llangadog) and Owain Davies (Llanllwni YFC) respectively, competed against other counties for the title of Wales Junior and Senior Members of the year. Congratulations to Mari for securing second place in the Junior member competition, and thank you to Owain for competing in the Senior member competition. Carmarthenshire YFC look forward to working with both members over the next year.


An art project about farming in Carmarthenshire.

Artist Kathryn Campbell Dodd is working with us as the YFC, Carmarthenshire Museum, Oriel Myrddin Gallery and Carmarthen Archives to try and create a series of exhibitions and a town parade which brings the concerns of the Rebecca Rioters of the mid 19th Century to present day Carmarthenshire and asks what challenges modern day farmers are facing.

To be a part of this project, please read the below documents.

Carmarthenshire YFC Virtual Public Speaking Weekend 2021

The Carmarthenshire Young Farmers Federation Public Speaking competition was held virtually for the first time ever on Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th March. Although a new experience for the County, the standard of competition was still remarkably high across the 8 different departments.

Thanks to the stewards for making the day run smoothly. We are also very grateful to all the coaches for taking the time to train the members. Many thanks to all the judges for their excellent work during the day.

Good luck to all the members who will be representing the County at Wales level at the end of April!

Welsh Public Speaking:

Reading Section

Miss Naomi Nicholas was tasked with judging 8 teams in the under 15 reading competition. Here are the results:

Winning team:

Penybont YFC – Celyn Richards, Olwen Roberts and Gilbert Roberts

Best Individual

Celyn Richards, Penybont YFC

Junior Section

In the Junior Section competition for under 17s, Mr Cennydd Jones had the task of judging, with 4 teams competing. Here are the results:

Winning team:

Office Team – Gwenno Roberts, Sara Jones (Llanfynydd YFC) and Lois Davies (Llangadog YFC)

Best Individual

Gwenno Roberts, Llanfynydd YFC

Intermediates Section

Mr Wyn Thomas oversaw the Intermediates. There were 2 teams in this competition and the results are as follows:

Winning team:

Llanllwni YFC  – Betsan Jones, Cathrin Jones and Sioned Howells

Best Individual

Sioned Howells, Llanllwni YFC

Senior Section:

There was very good competition in this competition between 7 very strong teams. Mr Wyn Thomas was tasked with judging and the results were as follows:

Winning team:

Penybont YFC – Mared Evans, Fiona Phillips, Elen Jones and Cadi Evans

Best Individual

Elen Jones, Penybont YFC

English Public Speaking:

Reading Section

Miss Angharad Edwards was tasked with judging 3 teams in the Under 15 reading competition. The results are:

Winning team:

Llangadog YFC – Lois Davies, Abner Evans and Ilan Dafydd

Best Individual

Lois Davies, Llangadog YFC

Junior Section

In the Junior Section competition for under 17s, Mrs Jill George was the adjudicator, with 2 teams competing. Here are the results:

Winning team:

Llanddarog YFC – Morgan Davies, Rhys Griffiths and Ellis Davies

Best Individual

Morgan Davies, Llanddarog YFC

Intermediates Section

Miss Kate Miles oversaw the Intermediates. There were 3 teams in this competition and the results are as follows:

Winning team:

Penybont YFC – Hannah Richards, Daniel O’Callaghan, Caeo Pryce and Lleu Pryce

Best Individual

Mari James, Llangadog YFC

Senior Section

There was very good competition in this competition between 2 very strong teams. Miss Kate Miles was responsible for judging and the results were as follows:

Winning team:

Office Team – Angharad Thomas (Dyffryn Tywi YFC), Ffion Rees (Llanfynydd YFC) a Lynwen Mathias (Dyffryn Cothi YFC)

Winning team:

Lynwen Mathias, Dyffryn Cothi YFC

Carmarthenshire YFC Virtual Eisteddfod 2021

For the first time ever this year, a Virtual Eisteddfod was held. After receiving several entries across all departments, Penybont YFC was the winner, with Llanddarog YFC second. Penybont YFC was also victorious in the homework section.

Our thanks goes to the judges of the Eisteddfod for their service.

Music Section: Alaw Llwyd Owen

Recitation Section: Nia Wyn Tudor

Light Section: Eurfyl Lewis

Homework Section: Dafydd Vaughan

The Crown and Chair: Osian Wyn Owen

This year’s Crown winner is Sioned Howells and Sioned is also the winner of this year’s Chair. Congratulations to her for doing the double. Sioned came 1st in the crown in 2017 and 2nd in the crown in 2016 and 2018. Sioned Howells is 21 years old and belongs to Llanllwni Young Farmers Club, where she has been a member since 2011. She has participated in various competitions as a member; such as Public Speaking, County Rally, Entertainment Competition and the Eisteddfod. She was the Junior Member of Carmarthenshire YFC in 2017. Sioned was Head Girl at Ysgol Bro Teifi in 2017-18 and is now studying Midwifery at Swansea University.

Here are the full Eisteddfod Results:

All of the entries in the stage competitions are available to view on our Youtube channel. Follow the link:

C.FF.I Sir Gâr / Carmarthenshire YFC – YouTube

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